Strange Maner DnB Culture 5 Year Mix

Strange Manner is on a constant journey to spread the message of the music that he loves. His blend of ragga, jungle and dnb is a testament to this musical pilgrimage as he showcases the past, present and future of these genres.

Strange Manner is currently a resident of Rinse, 403DNB’s weekly event in Calgary, and the host of the Tuesday Night Takeover on DB9 Radio. In 2015, he was an official DJ at Shambhala Music Festival.

Strange Manner continues to expand his reach in Calgary and beyond as an artist, a DJ, and most of all – a lifetime music enthusiast.

We hope you enjoy this slamming mix of Ragga Jungle/DnB as much as we do!

You can find Strange Manners mixes and updates on Mixcloud & Facebook.